Asset Owners

We provide you with the tools to create custom assessments aligned with organization use cases. We provide ESG Data, assist in creating assessment models and offer a SaaS platform which offer flexibility to generate ESG corporate assessments and sustainable finance solutions like project assessments and green bond assessments.

ESG Solutions for you

ESG Data and Solutions
ESG Data Assessments

ESG Data collection

  • Taxonomy covering GRI, SFDR, TCFD, OECD RBC for (un)listed issuers
  • Greater Provenance with click-to-source data
  • Supports issuer verification of data

ESG Ratings/Assessments for corporates

  • Customizable assessment model, allow re-weighting by signal
  • Scores available for each signal, enabling thematic decisions
  • Supports weekly refresh and updates
ESG Data Providers - Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

  • ESGDS can supplement your ESG data outsourcing requirements as we have a large team
  • Data Capture tool enables collection of data for Listed and Unlisted companies which integrates into the assessment platform.
  • Our assessment platform supports multiple use-cases including Corporate ESG reports as well as Portfolio-level ESG reports
  • Custom reports can be constructed to show Asset Manager’s/Owners compliance against key regulations

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